Tuesday, March 30, 2010 11:14 PM cstanton

Heartbroken Javan Teen Mishandles Predicament And Misplaces Penis

A 19 year old guy in Central Java learned that his girlfriend was going to marry another man. Instead of taking the hit and maybe frowning a little and moping around for a few days he decided to make sure that he would never have to worry about dealing with women again.

What he did was ironic, stupid, illogical, and must have been excruciatingly painful. Completely unimaginable by the likes of myself. He chopped it off.. and not only that.. HE TOSSED IT DOWN A WELL. The agonizing pain that this guy must have gone through seems like it must have been much worse than whatever trouble his head was causing him.

He arrived at the hospital last Thursday in critical condition from blood loss and was lucky to be alive, considering the amount of blood that he had lost. I could only imagine how much blood that would be... I would imagine a penis would bleed a lot. Anyway, they couldn't attach the penis because it was down the well contaminating the water supply. Now everyone in his village has to drink water that his penis has been in. Thanks emo guy. 

via New.com.au

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