Wednesday, February 3, 2010 2:49 PM cstanton

Fish Robots - Useless But Cool

Masamichi Hayashi, the president of the marine education establishment kyg-lab, is a determined teacher and has dedicated hours and hours of his time to teaching children how fish move and their habits. Seriously, how fish move. And whats better than showing them a video of a real fish? Letting them see a fake robotic fish in action!!!


Hayashi has made over 100 sea creature robots. What's more impressive is that he's a self-taught roboticist and he creates most of these sea creatures out of random trash like plastic bottles, Styrofoam, tarps, old clothing, and windshield wiper motors. He is able to give the robots pretty realistic movement since he has spent his studies in marine science.

The picture above is a Coelacanth with a diver.

He's made robots of all kinds of sea creatures. Here's a video showing some of them: 

His masterpiece is a 5 foot long coelacanth robot that weighs 105 pounds and cost $22,000 to build. Sounds a little bit more expensive than trash and windshield wiper motors to me, but whatever. Way cooler than a car, right? Check 'im out.


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