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Confessions Of A Superhero

If you've ever been to Hollywood Boulevard you've seen them in all of their caped glory, probably holding a child's hand, in a group of overly-excited foreign tourists, or in the midst of a group of flirty girls. They're not your ordinary "save the day" lot, but they still get up every morning and hit the streets to bring smiles to peoples' faces.

I'm talking about the Superheros of Tinseltown; The actors that somehow decided that dressing up like superheros and posing for tips was the way to make it. The documentary "Confessions Of A Superhero" is an in-depth look at who the men and women behind the masks are and how they got there.

The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are the stars of this lovely documentary. Batman struggles with his extreme anger and rough past, Wonder Woman was a small-town homecoming queen with her head in the clouds, the Hulk is an aspiring actor that sold his super-nintendo just to get to L.A., and Superman's psyche is fixated purely on the last son of Krypton. 

High resolution still-frame photography interjected between scenes lends a hand to reinforce how real each of these characters is. The shots are beautiful and capture who the characters really are. The footage shown further elaborates so that at the end you really feel like you know them.




Some of the reviews I read on sites that favor mainstream movies said that the people in the movie were boring, but I found them to be the very opposite. Rottentomatoes.com rated Confessions Of A Superhero a full 100% on the Tomatometer.

Each one of the characters is extremely remarkable at times and extremely unremarkable or pathetic at others. I'd like to go into details and voice my opinions, but I'd rather that people not have the movie spoiled for them. That's what this movie does though: you'll leave it with an opinion.

The movie is on Netflix Watch Instantly, so anyone with a Netflix account should really check it out. It's really interesting to see the different forces that moved these characters to become superhero impersonators on the streets of Hollywood.

The film has a website that provides a little bit of info on the makers of the documentary and the characters and has some clips from the film along with some of the photographs.  TheRealSuperhero.com

Just remember that there's always a tomorrow, and that you can always make something out of nothing.


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