Monday, February 1, 2010 1:55 PM cstanton

Streaming to Xbox Made Easy With TVersity

If you are old school like me and still run XP Professional, not XP Media Center, or Vista, or any of that newfangled nonsense, then you might have an issue in getting your Xbox 360 to recognize your computer, even if you have Windows Media Player 11 and the media server is up and running.

I am really not the most technical guy, but I know my way around a computer and I have a basic understanding of networking. I tried everything. At first my computer wasn't even recognizing my Xbox, then after a little tinkering I got my computer to see that my Xbox was there, but my Xbox wouldn't recognize my computer on the network. That's when I did a google search and I started noticing that a billion other people had the same problem as me.

Instead of figuring out a much more complicated solution to the problem, I decided that I would give this program TVersity a go. There are two different versions, the free version and the Pro version. Here's the weird thing though: the Pro version is free! That's right, TVersity trusts its "customers" so much that they allow you to download the Pro version of the program absolutely free, let you try it out and see what you think about it, and then if you feel like its worth it they ask you to pay $30 for it. If their policy changes at all and license keys are enacted, they will e-mail you one immediately. That's trust!

TVersity will stream to a number of devices including but not limited to the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and the iPod Touch. TVersity sets up a media server that is easily recognized by any of those devices, you simply go to your console's video library and BAM there's the server. You can upload any folder from your computer to the media server and the Xbox or other device will be able to play any media out of the folder. What's great is it will recognize pretty much any codec. I haven't had a single formatting problem with any video. You can do all of this with the absolutely guiltless FREE version of the program.

With the Pro version, you will be able to subscribe to a variety of online channels with premium content. Here is a full list of content that you will be able to subscribe to with the Pro version. Hulu, NFL, NBC, South Park, all kinds of great stuff. The Pro version is a little pricey, but in my opinion definitely worth it. It lets you stream any kind of media to your TV, and on top of that it even allows you to stream videos that you would only be able to see on the internet to your TV without a hardwired set up.

This program saved me a lot of time and headache tinkering with network settings and whatnot. I would advise it to anyone that has any problems getting their Xbox, or other console, to recognize their computer on the network. It's an all-around great program.

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