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Fat Princess Review: Great PS3 Game on PlayStation Network


Fat Princess is a game for the PS3 and is available for download on the Playstation Network. The game is really fun, funny, and offers a lot of replay ability. It's basically like capture the flag, but with princesses. You're holding your enemy's princess captive at your base, but the enemy has your princess at theirs. You can feed their princess cake that you find on the ground around the level, and she'll gobble it down and chalk up the pounds. The heavier she is, the harder it is for the enemy team to come in and take her back... though after just a few pieces of cake, her mass is amplified to the point where you start to wonder why they would even want that heffer back.

There are 5 classes: Ranger, Warrior, Priest, Mage, and Worker.

One determines their class by picking up and wearing the hat that is in front of each one of the class buildings. 

The worker is really the most important class for the team, as they are responsible for upgrades and building shortcuts, like a catapult into the enemy castle. 

Upgrades are bought with wood and stone. Logs and stones are made by chopping down trees or smashing rocks with the worker's axe. The logs and stones can be turned in at any friendly checkpoint or building and are put in your bank.

Each one of the classes can be upgraded. To upgrade each class, 3 wood and 3 stone must be collected from around the map by the worker class. Once 3 wood and 3 stone is in the bank, any one of the class buildings can be upgraded. With each upgrade comes a new ability for each one of the classes.

The classes weapon layouts are as follows:

Starting Upgraded
Warrior Sword and buckler Really big sword
Ranger Bow and arrows Shotgun
Priest Healing ability Life draining ability
Mage Fire Ice
Worker Work axe Bombs

The guy at IGN did a pretty good job of the game review, so I'm just gonna let you watch that clip so you can also get a pretty good idea of the gameplay.

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