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Netflix Finally Available For PS3


One of the last exclusive luxuries available to XBox 360 owners is about to be wiped away as Sony has confirmed a deal with Netflix to allow PS3 users to browse the Netflix Watch Instantly database from their consoles.

It won't be quite as easy as on the XBox when it is first released, since the Netflix disc must be in the system until an update scheduled in 2010.

Right now, any PS3 owner with a Netflix account can go HERE to enter their e-mail so that Netflix will let them know when the disc is available. Once on the list, a copy of the disc will be mailed whenever the service is available. It seems like a pretty inefficient way to get the data out there when the system could just incorporate it in a regular firmware update, but it doesn't seem like Netflix minds sending out millions of discs.... just another day.

According to Netflix in an interview with Joystiq, PS3 users will have the same access as any of the Xbox users, a "Watch Instantly" queue of movies selected by the user as well as access to a few different genres and categories such as Documentary, Comedy, Drama, New Releases, etc.

Basically the only negative that the PS3 has with the Netflix application is that a disc must be inserted whenever you want to watch a movie, and that negative is going to be removed in less than a year when the firmware update comes out. The only advantage the XBox has is that you don't have to burn the 2 extra calories getting up and replacing the disc, which means that you can sit on the couch for a longer period of time before hopping up for sustenance. Really, you can't play games and watch movies at the same time anyway, so there's really not much of a difference... except I guess the PS3 user can't be quite as slothlike as the XBox user.

My friend and roommate just decided he was going to trade in his XBox because of the Netflix partnership with Sony. I personally wouldn't do that because I love some of the XBox exclusive games....... and I don't really have to think about it because I don't own a PS3 :), but I'm sure he's not the only one with this thinking.

To be completely honest, you can already stream Netflix to your PS3, and ESPN, CBS, YouTube, and CNN... but you have to purchase a program called Play On

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