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Nomura's Jellyfish Can Be Made Into Space Candy

 A little while back I wrote a blog post on how Nomura's Jellyfish are swarming the seas of Japan. Since then, the Japanese have been trying to figure out what they can do about the jellyfish problem and how they can use the goliath cnidarians.

Echizen kurage Jellyfish

Every year when the Echizen kurage swarm the seas they halt fishing operations, causing serious frustration to the industry. One group of highschool students has been cooking with the jellyfish since 2003 in their efforts to battle the jellies.

These students from Obama Fisheries High School have developed a way to make jellyfish powder by boiling the creatures down into a paste, drying them out, and then grinding them up into a fine powder.

Students that developed candy at Obama Fisheries High School 

The students have developed a caramel candy made out of sugar, starch, syrup, and of course, jellyfish powder. They have requested from JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, that their jellyfish caramel candies be available to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. According to Chunichi  there is a representative from JAXA going to the school today, Sept 17th. to evaluate the candy. 

Apparently there is a caramel candy trend going on in Japan, so the students are hoping to catch that ride with their new recipe. 

Since the powder has been developed other local companies have put it to use in their recipes. One local company made jellyfish cookies with the powder. The powder is said to have a salty taste which compliments the cookie's sweetness.

Ekura-chan saku-saku cookies, sold in boxes of 10. 

Its great that people can turn lemons into lemonade and jellyfish into space candy.

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