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If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone to remember you by, then you need to look no further than WhoopassEnterprises.com!

Here, you can upload pictures to their staff and they will make a bobblehead based on your photos! Would you EVER forget the person that gave you a bobblehead, sculpted to the T, of themselves for your birthday or Christmas or any other meaningless "here's your gift" holiday!? I know I sure wouldn't!


Whoopass Enterprises offers a number of different packages including work/casual, weddings, 2 on 1 pedestal, and even pets! That's right, you can get your pet made into a custom sculpted bobblehead. If you go on their site, you can actually get them to give you a virtual image of your custom bobblehead by talking them through what you want your bobblehead to look like via a live-chat program that they have. They will e-mail you an image as soon as their photo team constructs one. I am still waiting on  mine, but I plan on putting it up here as soon as I get it. Their operators have even told me that they even send pictures of the model being sculpted and allow you to make changes while it is still a work in progress. Before each stage of production, the customer is able to tell the artists what adjustments to make.

They are a little pricey, but for a unique piece of sculpted art I think it is worth the price.

FOLLOW UP AUG 3rd 8:35 AM:

The e-mail just arrived and its pretty funny. I don't really know what I expected, but I think its okay I guess. The virtual mock-up they did turned out okay, I didn't really specify anything crazy on the clothing, but they picked out what I would most typically wear, minus the sandals. 



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This is possibly one of the funniest instances of accidental racism I have seen in a very long time. I don't feel like this is too bad or anything, I just thought it was hilarious. Everyone has a little racist bigot in them. I think that if we can embrace the humorous side of it then we can draw each other closer together. We're never going to kill racism, MLK's dreams may have come halfway true, but we need to embrace the differences. We're not all the same and I think we need to accept that to get along better with one another.

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Move over Flipper, we have a new aquatic hero! A free diver, Yang Yun, caught a lucky break this last week at the Polar Land free dive competition in Harbin, China.


 The competition was held in the Beluga tank at Polar Land, and the objectives were that the competitors would dive down 7 meters and hold their breath as long as possible without any breathing equipment. This is all done in really cold arctic water. The divers have suits of course, but its still very very cold.... literally freezing.

When Yang Yun went to the bottom, she held her breath for a little while and then wanted to come up. When she tried to kick to the surface, she realized that her legs were cramped up and she couldn't move them. She thought at this point that she was going to die.

"I began to choke and sank even lower and I thought that was it for me - I was dead,” she said to The Sun.

 Suddenly, Mila, a Beluga that was sharing the tank with these pesky divers at the time, swooped down, gently clenched Yun's legs in her jaws, and carried her to the surface. Yun reported having given up hope, and then being driven upwards with great force.


The whale noticed the problem before any of the humans on the scene did, including the underwater photographer who caught the whole thing.

"She's a sensitive animal who works closely with humans and I think this girl owes her her life," said one of the organizers of the event.

I've always liked Beluga whales, and now I have an even better reason to like their goofy smiling faces!

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Recently off the coast of California, divers have been getting scared out of the water. Humboldt Squid, A.K.A. Jumbo Flying Squid or Dosidicus gigas, have risen from the depths and are messing around with scuba divers in San Diego!


The squid have razor sharp beaks, toothed tentacles, and can skim along the water to avoid predators. They weigh up to 45kg (100 pounds) and are very strong for their size. Some divers have been attacked by the monster cephalopods off the coast of San Diego, reporting that they have been wrapped up and had their gear ripped off. One diver, Shara McGill, claims to have had her buoyancy hose and her light ripped off of her. She expressed that she was scared for her life, but thought that if the squid had wanted to hurt her it would have.

The squid are aggressive and have been named Diablo Rojo or "Red Devil" for their rusty color and their grumpy and aggressive demeanor. They are usually found off the coast of Mexico in the deep waters. They travel and hunt in huge shoals of over 1000 and some scientists believe that their prey may be moving to shallower waters due to water temperature changes and their recent appearance is just the result of them following their food source.When the squid are not in the wild and are not in any danger, they actually display curious and intelligent behavior, which may be the reason that they would approach a diver in the first place, simple curiosity. The fact that the squid are moving so far north is concerning scientists and they are speculating on how it may affect the fishing industry.

Scientists say that they are not a threat to surfers or swimmers, but many divers say that they're staying clear of the water all together until the squid move on. I definitely wouldn't want to be out on a surfboard and have a toothed tentacle wrap around my neck! I hope that nature figures itself out and puts the big monsters back in the deep waters. Where is Aquaman when you need him?


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tBody modification has been around since the beginning of civilization and maybe even before that. Many tribes used different forms of body modifications as signs of rank and adulthood. This carried on from tribes to entire cultures and empires. Body modification is still strong today and has spread to many different cultures. Tattoos and piercings are probably the most popular form, but they're not nearly the half of it, and if they were the half of it, they'd be the softer side. These are some of the more intense body modifications that are still done today. There's no real way to judge which is most intense and which is least intense since its really only my opinion, but I'm going to try and work my way up, starting with what I think is the least intense.



Implants of jewels in teeth have been around since the Mayan culture was still kicking. These images show teeth filing and the drilling of jewels into teeth have been around long before the dental tools we have today. They would make the cavities with a rod that they would spin between their hands and use powdered quartz and water as an abrasive.


This are men from Burkina Faso, where facial scarring is a sign of manhood. These men are from the Bobo tribe, where the children get these scars usually around age 10 to show that they have entered into adulthood.



I know this one seems crazy, but I had gauged ears for a little while so I don't think that stretching out your piercings is that ridiculous, but the extent to which these people do makes it intense. This is a woman from the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia. These lip plates are a sign of beauty over there.


I couldn't imagine having anything under my skin that wasn't a part of me. I'm sure that it would affect the way that your body feels and it would take some getting used to. What happens if you fall and cut your skin open where the implants are? These are more modern, and have become quite popular.


I could never imagine having this done. I really like the implant, but I couldn't imagine having it done. The outer layer of the eye must be cut open in the shape of the implant, the implant is inserted, and then the eye heals over the implant. This is also a more modern body modification.


Tongue splitting has been around for awhile and has more recently been made famous by the Lizardman of LA. I really like it and I wish I dated a girl that had it done, but I'm not really in that crowd. The reason I thought this was more intense than the facial scarring and the subdermal implants is because of the sheer pain that this procedure must cause. The healing process must be a bitch too. 


 This is a photo taken in a forest between Burma and Thailand of a woman and her child with cultural stretching rings around their neck. If the woman were to take those rings off, her neck would not be strong enough to support her head and she would probably break her neck and die.



Cranial binding has been around for a long time and has been a part of the culture in Africa and South America, mostly Peru. The Mayans did this to "speak more clearly to the Gods."


Now, I know that this is not an aesthetic body modification, but it certainly is the most intense one. Trepanation has been practiced for centuries. Basically, somebody drills a hole through your skull. This is supposed to increase your brain's capacity for blood and stimulate the upper regions of the brain that don't get too much action. It is an illegal practice in the states, but I guess if you can do it on your own without getting caught you'll be good.

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I am a very big fan of all of Infinityward's Call of Duty games, 2, 4, and the new Modern Warfare 2. When I saw this unboxing video I was very excited. There are going to be three different releases of the game. The regular game, in a plastic box, the "Hardened" edition, in a steel box with a CoD art book, and the "Prestige" edition.

The Prestige edition is what I want to talk about, and what I have just now reserved. The Prestige edition comes with the "Hardened" edition steel metallic box, the art book, a token for a free download of Call Of Duty Classic, a.k.a. Call Of Duty 1, and last but not least, NVGs! Fully functional night vision goggles with the MW2 and Infinityward logos on them! The goggles also come with a sculpted "Soap McTavish" head for you to put them on when you're not out lurking in the dark! I think it's pretty cool. I know that you can buy night vision goggles from walmart for around $50, but I'd rather have the MW2 edition. They look more badass anyway.

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On March 20th, 2009, 3 year old child, Elise André, the daughter of Irina Belenkaya and Jean-Michel André was kidnapped while her and her father were walking back from kindergarten in France. Mr. André was beaten severely in the abduction. It is alleged that Belenkaya was behind the kidnapping. 

On April 13, Belenkaya was detained in Hungary, at the Budapest Airport, while attempting to cross the border to Ukraine with Liza, who was handed over to her father. A reporter that was traveling with Mr. André and Elise said that he refused to comment on the whole situation. Apparently this hadn't been the first kidnapping in the daughter's life. In 2008, Elise was taken from her nanny in Moscow that her mother had sent her to. Her father was supposedly behind the kidnapping, as he had her in 2009 when she was swooped up again, though the investigation continues.

Belenkaya was very upset when she learned that her daughter would be handed back over to the father. Russian embassy spokespersons said that Hungary's decision should be looked into as they avoided listening to Russian law and sympathized with the French father. 


Belenkaya was held by Hungary, and then sent to France for a trial. The father, being very civil, signed a document allowing for the mother to see her daughter three times a month. The sentence for the kidnapping has not been resolved. Hopefully it will be soon so that they can all just go home, but Belenkaya and her lawyer are not satisfied with the decision and are going to appeal and try to get equal custody of the child. 

I personally think that the child should remain with the father, since the mother is obviously affiliated with some dangerous guys. Anyone that is going to have their ex beaten and their daughter stolen from him while she watches him get hurt has some serious moral issues. I mean, imagine the mind of a three year old child while she's watching her dad get beaten and then top it off with a little kidnapping.

The dad just seems much more reasonable to me. He says “Why cut her away from her father? Why punish both of us? She has the right to know and receive the love of both her parents. We have to find a solution. But for now, I just want to know that she’s ok and where she is." 

Russia is very upset about the whole thing, because their constitution basically says that if Elise was in Russia with her mother, neither of them could be sent to France, so they think that Hungary should have sent the two back to Russia. Figures.

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 Scott Campbell, the founder of Saved Tattoos in Brooklyn, New York, has been experimenting with other mediums other than flesh to present his great ability on.

He was born in Louisiana in a fishing camp. He became an illustrator and editor at a relatively young age and at some point began messing around with tattoos. After he realized his passion, he moved to Spain to perfect his art. After a year and a half, he decided that he was going to travel the rest of the world, learning about tattoos in different cultures and sharing his artwork with others. In 2004 he opened Saved, and has since grown it to be the most prestigious tattoo parlor on the east coast. He's got it so good that he charges $300 per hour!

Lately, he's been using lasers to create great works of art. These images below are his use of laser engraving on stacks of one dollar bills. More pieces of art are available at his site.












My personal favorites are 4, 5, and 8. 

I like 4 because of the intricate detail, not that all of the other ones aren't intricate enough. I love 5 because I love guns, simple enough. And I like 8 because it just looks really cool. I also like how the skull is directly over George Washington's face.  Check out both of Campbell's sites, scottcampbelltattoo.com and mama-tried.com

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According to Life.ru, a young woman by the name of Valeria K. is standing trial for sedating and raping at least 10 adult males.

 Valeria K. is a good looking, quiet brunette that was already known as "the Black Widow" for her collection of spiders and horror films. Where are these attractive rapists with cool interests in America!? Apparently what this woman would do, is go out and meet men at coffee shops and libraries and then invite them back to her house for drinks. She would spike their drinks with clonidine, a powerful sedative, and soon they would be sedated. Before they went out, she would get them aroused and then tie off the base of their genitals with a rope to keep them erect. She would then rape them for hours and drop them off at the hospital. They would wake up with serious damage done to their penises and a wicked clonidine poisoning headache with only the memory of a pretty brunette inviting them home. 

Once police had finally identified her, they were able to connect her to at least 10 rapings. One of the men refused to press charges and actually stated that he loved it, he "just wished she wouldn't have used the clonidine." I guess her collection of horror films and the dark energy of owning that many venomous creatures that prey by entrapment just made her want to be a sex spider.

This article is about a month old, coming out on June 19th, but I thought it was interesting enough to share with you guys.

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Virgil Griffith, a grad student at CalTech, has come up with an interesting study. He's gone around and surveyed students that have just taken the SAT and asked them their favorite bands or genres and their SAT scores. This study really isn't very accurate at describing the students' intelligence, as the SAT is not the same as an IQ test, but it gives you an interesting outlook. The students with the highest scores chose Beethoven as their favorite musician, while the people with the lowest scores chose Lil Wayne. I personally find this hilarious because I like both of them, but more and more Lil Wayne has turned his raps into subintelligent babble. To be honest, the chart doesn't surprise me one bit. I actually had a conversation with a couple of my friends about how all of the moderately intelligent out of us listened to Radiohead, which ranks between 1205 and 1220 on the chart. I got a higher SAT score than that, but I don't listen to Counting Crows, don't even know who Sufjan Stevens is, and haven't heard of Guster. Plus I like to trick girls into thinking I'm kind normal so I don't jam to Beethoven, I stick to Bach... no I'm kidding, I've been jamming to Bone Thugs lately.

While this study is not so much scientific as it is interesting, it shows you a good correlation between the SAT scores and what people listen to, and to be completely honest it all really makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that Griffith titled the chart "Musicthatmakesyoudumb," because you'd figure that he would know the difference between correlation and causation being a grad student at CalTech, but hey, he never said what he listens to ;)


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 Traveling to space may be as simple as riding an elevator within the next decade or so. NASA's Centennial Challenges Program, Dryden Flight Research Center, and the Spaceward Foundation are announcing the next Space Elevator Games to be held on August 5th through the 7th at Dryden Flight Research Center's facilities. For the last few years, groups of scientists have been toying with the idea of building an elevator that can reach into space. I guess I should get into the concept before explaining what the teams will be required to do.

First of all, the concept of a space elevator is an elevator that rises along a structure that reaches so high off of the surface of the earth that it is in geostationary orbit. The first concept was made by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895, who proposed a tower so high that it would reach the outer limits of our atmosphere. Now, with many years of findings under its belt, science has come up with a better, more realistic way. The more modern proposition is that of a tether anchored to an object in geostationary orbit. This was first proposed by Yuri Artsutanov. First proposed was a tether launched to an asteroid, but Artsuntanov's thinking is that it would be much easier to just build a satellite loaded with a spool of ribbon that could be shot back down towards Earth, while a counterweight was extended further out past the satellite away from Earth, keeping the structure taut and motionless relative to Earth. More modern concepts have been developed where the satellite would suffice as the counterweight and the tether would be attached to a mobile platform floating in the ocean. Using this way, we would have more control over the anchor itself and we would be able to move the mobile platform if it were necessary. The elevators themselves are actually less complicated than fashioning a tether that will be light enough and durable enough to reach space and be able to support an amount of weight that would actually make the concept useful.

Here's a video explaining the concept of the Space Elevator:

In all honesty, this video literally cracked me up. I have no idea what they were doing with the soundtrack, but I think it gives a good idea of what we're trying to do with this technology. I also don't like how they say that the ribbon would go from "Earth to Space," because in all actuality it would probably have to go from space back to Earth. All that aside, I think it is a good video.

Finding a material that this ribbon could be made out of has posed the biggest problem in the development of the space elevator, since all of the other technology is pretty much readily available to us. What the experts say they should use is carbon nanotubes. The problem lies in the production of these microscopic fibers. Creating nanotubes that could be strung from Earth to space would not be cost-efficient, but once we figure that out, we may be able to make this concept a reality. The Space Elevator Games are concentrated on the nanotubes required to build the strong tensile structure and the climbers that ascend it.


In 2005, at the first Space Elevator Games, the contestants were required to build a platform that could rise 50 meters on a steel cable at the rate of 1 meter per second. The platforms used solar power and were powered by spotlights provided by the Spaceward Foundation. Now, at the 4th year of the competition, the contestants will be required to build a platform that is able to rise 1 kilometer at the rate of 5 meters per second. Right now, they are climbing tethers that are attached to helicopters hovering high above the ground. This year's elevators use different technology. While still retaining their solar powered roots, they have an additional power source from a laser beam shot from the Earth's surface. They call this transfer of energy "power beaming."

The climbers could be built to lift up to 1,000 tons, according to Spaceref.com, and would be very safe as they carry no fuel. Riding on the elevator would be similar to riding on a train. The trip up would be pretty slow until the climber got past the gravitational midpoint, and then it would accelerate due to the rotation of the earth. The development of a structure like this could greatly improve our space technology, allowing us to build bigger space stations and once we develop it enough, we may even be able to launch crafts from space, requiring much less fuel for launch.

Here is the Official Trailer of the Space Elevator Games: 

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 If you've been to the movies lately, you've probably seen the previews for Neill Blomkamp's upcoming movie, District 9. I don't typically go to many movies in theatres, but this is one I'm definitely going to have to come out of my shell for and get a date, because we all know chicks dig sketchy insectoid aliens. I'm also going to see it because the more money that this film makes, the more likely Blomkamp and Peter Jackson, the producer of both films, will be able to get the Halo movie off the ground. What's really neat about Blomkamp directing this film is that I think  he will do a really good job of portraying the culture since the film is based in his home city, Johannesburg, South Africa. As far as I know, not much has been released about the plot of the movie, but you can speculate based on the trailer and the website, D-9.com.

If you look really closely, on the MNU ALERT billboard featured(1:22) right after the scene where the guy gets sprayed in the face, there is a number for MNU! Give it a call. The realism with the viral advertisement of this movie is phenomenal.  

Here are a few of the shots from the District 9 movie:




The website is really cool and also really detailed, featuring mock documentary footage that gives a great sense of realism and gives you a background to further evolve your perceptions on. From what I've gathered, the humans want to keep the aliens on Earth until they learn how to replicate the alien weapons systems, but the humans on Earth don't want them around. The "FOR HUMANS ONLY" sign just made me think of old signs from the times of segregation, and the alien symbol cracks me up every time I look at it. The picture of the statue of the alien and the human holding hands, the statue has an engraving that reads "District 9: PAVING THE WAY TO UNITY." I guess that didn't go over too well judging by the men with guns and the anarchy symbol scratched into the statue's base.

There are "interviews" on the website, with store-owners and people in the street, that show their views and speculations on the non-humans. What's really neat about the website is that there are two parts to it, one for the humans and one for the non-humans. The humans can access the human and most non-human areas while the non-humans can only access their own zones. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but there are a lot of places that I can't access since they are in the restricted zones, which I presume to be District 9. An error message pops up and asks you whether or not you are allowed to be there and if you are to enter your access code. I assume that the access code is sent to you in an e-mail once you register, but I have yet to receive mine. The registration even asks if you are registering as a human or non-human! If you try to access a spot in the human zones as a non-human on the map, you will be redirected to MNU's website where you are reminded of the rules and regulations! You can even take a look at the careers offered by MultiNational United, or MNU to humans and non-humans alike! I would not want to be a non-human dental hygienist.

Even more interesting than the MNU page, the MNU Spreads Lies page is an alien page, that can simply be translated into English at the click of a button, that has news and videos showing how MNU is actually an evil corporation that is exploiting people all around the world.

There's a part of the site called Community Watch that has a bunch of different cities on the map. When you click on each one, you are presented with a list of phone calls made from people that have seen non-human sitings, when you listen to them you really get the idea of how much the non-humans are hated. It's actually kind of sad, because that's probably the way that the world would be if something like this ever happened.

This movie looks great, and I really hope it does well just because I want Blomkamp to have more backing in the film industry. He has apparently been working on a Halo movie for awhile now, but just doesn't have the money to get it off the ground. I had downloaded the short film on my Xbox awhile ago when it was first released, and thought it looked awesome. He's a talented filmmaker and I think he would be perfect to make the badass video game epic into a blockbuster movie. I'm surprised that nobody has backed him just based on the short, considering every Halo-nerd out there would go and see it (myself included!). The more money that this movie makes, the more likely it is that someone will drop the cash for Halo the movie. The Halo movie was originally scheduled for release in 2008, but the production was cut due to financial issues in 2006. It's 2009! Come on! According to halothemovie.org, there is a rumor going around that it will release in 2010 and is being produced by Peter Jackson. Lets just hope that District 9 is all that I think it will be!

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As our military tactics and technology is progressing, the US has been recruiting new members of the animal kingdom into its ranks. First, it was just mammals, such as dogs and dolphins, and now it has come to insects.

Much like the use of canaries by coal miners, the military is now exploring the use of insects for detection of the use of chemical weapons and even humans. They load up the insect with a small package of electronics that control its muscle movement and sense different scents, such as human scent, and certain chemicals, like Sarin or hydrogen cyanide. Since the electronics have basically taken over the primitive nervous system of the creature, they are also able to change their wing movement patterns. The types of insects whose communications are based on wing movement are cicadas, locusts, and crickets. All of these could be candidates to join our ranks as mindless drones that function as individual detectors.

Before we send troops into a certain area, we will be able to send in a squadron of crickets that will be able to, thanks to the equipment that has been merged with their bodies, detect whether there are harmful chemicals in the area. Another use could be for infiltration of places that would not be easily accessed by infantry to detect whether or not there are warm bodies in a building. The ability to detect human scent would also come in handy in detecting earthquake victims or people caught in the rubble of an explosion.

 Science is coming so far as to make R/C cars out of animals. I think it's pretty neat. I say that we use locusts and direct swarms to wipe out crops and mosquitos to aggrivate the hell out of the enemy. It's probably a good thing that I'm not in charge of these new military ventures. I only call it a venture because of the machine apocalypse, we don't need them with the bugs on their side!

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 A recent experiment shows that there may be a very good reason why people scream words that would normally result in a mouthful of soap when they hurt themselves. A group of 67 students were asked to plunge their hands into a tub of freezing water and ice while repeating either an explicative or a neutral word. At the end of the study, the results showed that the students that were using the curse words could, on average, keep their hands in the fridgid water for 40 more seconds than those with neutral words.

Language normally only utilizes a thin layer on the outer regions of the left hemisphere. Earlier studies have shown that explicatives, however, stem from a part of the brain further inside the right hemisphere. The part of the brain that becomes active is the amygdala, one of the older, in terms of evolution, parts of our functioning. When we swear in anguish, our amygdala kicks in. It first sends messages to the sympathetic nervous system, which sets our fight-or-flight response into action. It also sends messages to thalamic reticular nucleus for increased reflexes and sends message to activate the release of dopemine, norepiniphrine and epiniphrine, all of which help us psychologically block pain.

When animals are suddenly hurt and startled they let out screams and violently attack or run. The angry audible outburst is believed to be the equivilent to our cursing. Maybe it is to stun or intimidate the attacker, or maybe its just a side effect of them going into fight-or-flight. Humans tend to perform some of the side-effects to actually enable the thing that produces them, as stated by the facial feedback theory which suggests that mimicking emotions with facial expressions can actually produce the emotion. A smile is a side-effect of happiness, but reciprocally, forcing a smile can lighten your mood. So, cursing is a side-effect of the fight-or-flight response, which is caused by pain and causes pain relief, but cursing also may be able to trigger that response; causing pain relief without any actual pain.

What's so strange to me about all this is that as far as I'm concerned, a word is a word. All different languages have all different curse words, so what defines a curse word? It seems to be that we say explicatives when we get hurt, but does that mean we just like to say words our momma's told us not to say when we're in pain? The real mystery is whether or not it is really the word or is it the intention you have behind it that causes the amygdala to fire up and ease our suffering. It also seems that this would be less effective in people that have a bad cursing habit. If you use curse words in your every day speech, then the curse word would lose its meaning and just become another neutral word. I think that further study needs to be done, using the same English curse words with people that only speak english as a second language. I would be willing to bet that the findings would be very different. 

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The very popular, almost anonymous, artist known as Banksy has been showing his artwork off for about 16 years now. Not much is known by the general public about his identity. He is believed to be born near or in Bristol, in 1974. This information was gathered from other members of the DryBreadZ crew, his first graffiti group, which was a big part of the Bristol underground scene. The DryBreadZ Crew is a graffiti clan that used stencils and freehand to create their tags


Bristol's underground scene is much like any other underground scene. A lot of artists and musicians collaborated to spread their message, which was basically anti-establishment like every other anarcho-punk group. I don't think that anyone is exactly sure of what Banksy's stance is on politics or ethics, but a lot can be deduced by his artwork. Most of his artwork is satirical and focuses on politics, ethics, culture, and current events dealing with the like.


Banksy's artwork has appeared around the world and more recently, within the last 5 or 6 years, he has been doing exhibitions. His work has actually been auctioned off by the owners of buildings for a decent profit, leaving the removal of the piece in the hands of the buyer. He once did a show where he painted on animals in a warehouse. It was monitored of course, and approved since the paints were non-toxic, but animal rights activists still chained themselves to the handrails at the entrance of the building. Now, he's doing a show back in his hometown of Bristol that will definitely provoke some thought. He's taking over the Bristol Museum and redoing the entire interior.

You can check out the site for the exhibition here.

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