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  • It's Hard to Get a Job Nowadays Unless You're Creative...

    Kathy: My dad finally found a job and he has a pretty good salary although he has to work long hours.

    George: He is lucky!My dad and mom have been looking for a job for more than 2 years now and they can’t find anything at all.

    Kathy: Well, my dad realized that one has to become very creative in order to get a job in this economy. He found an employer that is growing and doing very well and they hired him on the spot!

    George: Your dad sure is a smart man! My mom and dad sent resumes to every company in town and there are no jobs available.

    Kathy: Yep! My dad found a place where he won’t have to worry about losing his job because of the economy. Where he works there is more work every day, more than you can imagine, and they are about to hire again because they need more people to handle the paper work. He actually is working so hard that my mom is starting to be concerned for his health.

    George: Please tell me where your dad is working. Maybe my mom and dad can get a job there!

    Kathy: He is working at the UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE; gosh every day they seem to be doing better!

    George: I will tell my parents so that they can get a job there too!  Gosh, I can’t wait! We are going to start getting three regular meals every day just like we used to!
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