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Our Dark Economic Future

Drew: I believe the economic crisis has already lasted three years. I feel so insecure! I don’t know if my job is going to be there for me tomorrow. I wonder how much longer we are going to have to wait before things get back to normal.
Janet: I read recently that the Congressional Budget Office did a thorough statistical analysis of the situation taking into consideration temporal cyclical factors as well as many other variables and made a future projective forecast of our economic future.
Drew: That's interesting! What did they conclude?
Janet: They said that in the next years to come the economy is going to be grow only around 2% a year and that this low level of growth could last until 2084.
Drew: That doesn’t sound too good such a poor growth will perpetuate the level of unemployment we have now.
Janet: You're right. I wonder if I will get a job once I finish college.
Drew: Oh God! I was hoping that by next year unemployment was going to decrease and that we were going to go back to normal.
Janet: I know it is awful and I better not tell you the amount of money they said we really owe or you won’t sleep tonight.
Published Sep 20 2010, 12:33 PM by cartoon
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