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  • Why Did He Leave Me?

    Peggy: Have you seen Bob lately?

    Diana: No, I haven’t.

    Peggy: I am beautiful, charming and intelligent. I also dress well and still Bob doesn’t care about me. There is definitely something wrong with him.   

    Diana: Well, you gave him such a hard time, no wonder he hasn’t called you again.

    Peggy: Yes but I am so good looking that my harsh personality shouldn’t cloud his judgment.

    Diana: He is a good looking too and a Rock Star!  He has many fabulous gals after him… I know four of them: Kim, Debby, Kelly and Susan.

    Peggy: Well if he has four instead of me then he will have four times more trouble than with me alone; don’t you think?

    Diana: Gulp!
    Posted Apr 14 2010, 06:29 PM by cartoon with no comments
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