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The Employment Situation Isn't That Bad


Robert: I studied ecological engineering and never thought I was going to end up working in a garbage dump.
Jim: Consider yourself lucky that you have a job.
Robert: Well by separating the garbage in two group, organic and inorganic stuff, at least I am helping the environment.
Jim: That is interesting. I see what you mean.
Robert: I guess in some ways I have a green job since I contribute to help save the world from an ecological collapse.
Jim: You're right; and you are one of the very fortunate ones that have a green job like the jobs Obama promised.
Robert: That’s true, I am helping the environment, earning  money and helping feed my family as well. I found a few rotten oranges in the garbage and some chicken leftovers for dinner that maybe won’t make my wife and kids sick.

Jim: Yeah, one has to be optimistic in order to survive. When the new government investment to create jobs is implemented I am looking forward to become garbage analyst II, then I can work on separating plastic container from cans. Gosh I am so happy living in a tent on a community park close to nature. I see crickets and mice close to me all the time besides I even get wet when it rains. You couldn’t be any closer to nature than me and my family are right now.

Published Jan 21 2010, 03:33 PM by cartoon
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