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Money and Happiness

George:  My parents are wrong, we don’t need money to be happy.
Cathy: You're right!  Happiness comes when you make the decision to be happy!  We can be happy if we want to; all we have to do is decide to choose that wonderful feeling!
George: Who needs a bicycle,  car, home or even toys to be happy? I don’t!
Cathy: Me neither!
George: Love is all that counts.
Cathy: That’s right. By the way aren’t you hungry? Let’s go home to eat, my mother is making stuffed turkey and we got chocolate ice cream and brownies for dessert.
George: Yeah and afterwards we can go to the mall with my mom, there is a new computer game that I want. I know my mother wants to buy you the new dog robot you wanted for you birthday on Sunday.
Cathy: That’s great!  I am so happy; I love you. Its so easy to choose to be happy.

Published Jan 06 2010, 12:08 PM by cartoon
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