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Crime does pay?

Does crime pay or not? Antoinette Galluzzo, who admitted stealing more than $50,000 from a city youth agency in Englewood, N.J., was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $10 a month during her probation, which is three years. On the flip side of...

Criminals can be as dumb as dead weasels

Time for another round of stupid criminals… • A mother took her 4-year-old daughter to a friend's home for a pool party. The adults there thought it would be fun to throw the child off the roof of the two-story home into the pool. They missed. The...
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Flash robs growing at an alarming rate

Flash mobs have become a craze thanks to social media and people's willingness to perform. But they've now taken a sinister turn. A new trend has emerged. Flash robs has dozens of people showing up at retail and convenience stores not to dance...
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