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Grandma calls out hackers - 'Quit it!'

It's Hysterical Video Tuesday. This is one ticked off grandma. And if you are guilty of hacking her grandson's account, you better watch out. She's coming for you, with or without her teeth.
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The royal wedding – time to get your web-enabled device ready

Well…the big day is tomorrow. Prince William will finally marry Kate Middleton, making her fairytale rise from commoner to princess a reality. It's estimated that somewhere between 1 and 2 billion people will watch the wedding. But they won't...

Think before you snark

Snark. It's defined in the Urban Dictionary as a combination of "snide" and "remark" – it's a sarcastic comment, which uses sarcasm or malice. Snarkologists are known for their biting, cruel humor or wit, which is commonly...
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