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The Internet has a new meme to pass around – Dangling Boris.

The meme comes after London's 48-year-old mayor, Boris Johnson, tried to go down a zipline, Union Jack flags waving, to promote the Olympics. But the mayor wound up dangling awkwardly in a harness. But he was still clutching his flags, bless his little patriotic heart.

Since pictures of Johnson dangling in mid-air hit the interwebz, everybody and their mamas, who have access to Photoshop, have been inserting Johnson into all sorts of scenarios, with all sorts of folks. He's dangled from the Statue of Liberty, from the fingertips of Kate Winslet, and from all manner of Olympic athletes. He's even hung from rear view mirrors, been dipped in a cup of tea like a tea bag, and strung up as a pair of matching Boris earrings. The poor guy's even been shown hanging up as the catch of the day for US President Barack Obama.

But Johnson seems to have a great sense of humor about the whole thing. At least the guy was waving a couple of flags while he was dangling – it's all good.

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