Adults behave like turds

Can you get a couple of eighth graders to eat some grade A, top of the line Canadian moose poop? Apparently there's at least one guy who can.

The students were on a two-day canoe trip in Grand Marais, Manitoba. One of the chaperones convinced two students, one male and one female, to take a bite out of some moose droppings, which the students were told were chocolate covered almonds. 

The female student said the waste became lodged in her braces, and she quickly resorted to brushing her teeth using lake water. Both students were told after the prank that moose droppings are "harmless, because moose only eat grass."

Other students stood nearby, laughing. The principal of the school was also there, and did nothing. His career is now in jeopardy.

Parents of the two students are furious, and are demanding action. Turns out, moose droppings can carry potentially harmful parasites. The students have shown no signs of illness so far, but have seen a doctor as a precaution.

Worse than the physical side affects has been the teasing. Text messages and teasing from their peers have become the norm for both students.

Now, while we enjoy a good prank just as much as the next guy, we don't like to see anyone suffer, physically and emotionally. So we hope the adults in this situation are treated like the turds they are.

Pun intended.

Published Tuesday, June 26, 2012 2:28 PM by bulldog
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