Zombie apocalypse?

Well, you can relax now. The Centers for Disease Control has weighed in, and apparently there is no such thing as zombies.

This past week, the Interwebz has been blowing up with rumors about a zombie attack that was supposed to happen in Miami. The whole thing started with a man who was shot when he wouldn't stop gnawing on the face of a homeless man in Miami when he was ordered to by police. 

The "zombie " was identified as Rudy Eugene, who some speculated may have been high on LSD. Others said his behavior was induced by bath salts, a methamphetamine-like drug that resembles the bathroom product it's named for. 

Following the grisly incident, there were international headlines that there was a burgeoning zombie apocalypse in Miami. There were other headlines as well. A porn actor in Canada killed a man and dismembered his body, and at part of him. And a Maryland man ate the heart and brain of his roommate, whom he had killed and dismembered.

How the heck did cannibalism even become a "thing?" The voodoo culture and religion of Haiti is cited most often as the origin of zombie legend. The creole word "zombi" is derived from Nzambi, a West African deity. 

According to experts in Haitian customs, Haitian zombies were once regular people, but became zombies after a voodoo priest or priestess gave them a potion or put them under a spell. The person then dies, and becomes a zombie.

Whatever you think or believe, if you see people wandering toward you who look "out of it," and repeating "brains….brains…" do not hesitate. Run the other direction and don't look back. Zombies don't like fast food.

Published Wednesday, June 6, 2012 3:00 PM by bulldog
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