Male deception can now equal a woman's

When sifting through last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas, we were dismayed by the realistic heart pendant, complete with arteries, and disgusted by the cupcakes with anatomically correct male and female decorations. Pastry should never be anatomically correct.

But when we came across one item, we simply laughed out loud. And we felt the equilibrium of man vs. woman shift decidedly in the direction of men everywhere. 

For years, women have worn bras that lifted and separated, and made them look, well, like they were sporting a bit more treasure in their chests. From the underwire to the water bra, women have been fooling men into thinking there was more than meets the eye for a very long time.

But now men can do the same. The "Trunk in my Junk" is billed as "the solution" for men who are less than blessed, but who want women to admire then more, um, fully. 

The package contains several reusable cups that fit over a man's well, package, to make it look larger. The kit costs $11.95 and is obviously much less expensive and much less painful than surgery. It's billed as "male false advertising" but hey, if a woman gets far enough into the negotiation to discover there's been some deceit, then she's likely not going to turn back. 

But what of the deception involved? A man has only to point to the Wonder Bra to support his argument. 

Published Monday, February 13, 2012 12:56 PM by bulldog
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