Frozen Dead Guy Days saved by local woman – Yep...Frozen Dead Guy Days

It's pretty cold where we sit today, and it's likely the same story wherever you are. It's January, and with that comes colder temperatures.

But January also brings weirdness, and today's story of bizarre stuff centers on Nederland, Colo., where a local woman has preserved a cold weather event that brings the town of Nederland together – Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Amanda McDonald has organized the even for four years now, and bought the event from the local chamber this year to preserve and protect its more, um, unique qualities. The event celebrates the 1994 discovery of Grandpa Bredo Morstoel's cryogenically frozen corpse. 

Held each year in early March, the event features a hearse parade, a coffin race, a frozen salmon toss, frozen turkey bowling, a frozen T-shirt contest, polar plunges and brain freeze contests. There's even ice break dancing and snowy beach volleyball. All around, it looks to be a great family-friendly event. That is, if your idea of family fun is dressing up to look dead and playing in freezing cold weather.

We wondered who the heck Grandpa is and why was he frozen. So we looked it up. Grandpa died from a heart condition in 1989 – he had lived a good, long life in Norway, fishing, skiing and hiking, and was the director of parks and recreation for Norway's Baerum County for more than 30 years. 

But when he died, he was packed in dry ice and prepared for international travel. He was then placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years in Oakland, Calif., and was moved to Colorado in 1993 to stay with his daughter. He took up residence in a shed near his grandson's home.

The funny part is that there is a law in Nederland that states that it's illegal to store a frozen human or animal in your home. But Grandpa was grandfathered into this law so that he could remain cared for by his family, which gathers volunteers each year to pack Grandpa in 1,600 pounds of dry ice to keep him at -60 F. 

Town officials were looking for a way to draw tourists to Nederland and, being lovers of things both bizarre and wonderful, settled on the now popular festival built around Grandpa. 

We're betting Grandpa has a big smile on his face – frozen, of course. 

Published Tuesday, January 3, 2012 10:48 AM by bulldog
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