Editorial: Face the music and be accountable

Well. Lindsay Lohan has done it again. And we can't say we're surprised. At all.

After squeaking by and getting probation instead of jail time, Lohan has screwed up again. And this time, she may find herself locked up in the pokey.

Lohan was assigned to serve community service hours as part of her probation in her shoplifting case at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. She was supposed to spend four hours per visit there. She got kicked out of the program because she rarely showed up and when she did, she took off after only an hour. 

She got reassigned to the Red Cross, but the total number of hours she's clocked toward her community service are, well, less than impressive. She was supposed to clock 480 hours by the end of this year.

Lohan has also missed two therapy appointments – she was assigned by the judge to attend therapy, and told that if she missed even one, it would violate her probation. The sessions she missed fell during her trip to Paris for work – so Lohan said. She insists she got clearance and called in her sessions on the phone while out of the country. 

Lohan believes that she's been targeted by the probation department which is, she said, trying to make an example of her. She is set to appear next week before the same judge for a progress hearing – the same judge who told her that even one slip-up would mean jail time.

Lohan has taken to Twitter to defend herself, writing, "I am not to be made an example of anymore. I am working hard and fulfilling my obligations every single day, to the court as well as myself…please ignore the reports which have no truth to them."

Here's the deal: Lohan broke the law. Because of her celebrity status, she was given chance after chance to avoid jail time, chances the average Joe would never get. She has blown those chances time and again. 

Lohan, it's time to face the music. Stop whining and making excuses, and stand up like an adult and take your medicine. You broke the law, you screwed up your probation, and now you deserve jail time. Deal with it.

Published Monday, October 17, 2011 1:17 PM by bulldog
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