Think before you snark

Snark. It's defined in the Urban Dictionary as a combination of "snide" and "remark" – it's a sarcastic comment, which uses sarcasm or malice. Snarkologists are known for their biting, cruel humor or wit, which is commonly used to verbally attack someone or something.

Snarking is all over the Internet; it lives and breathes on any site or blog that contains comments, insults, jabs or "dissing." Many people blame the Internet for snarking when in fact, it's been around as long as mankind. 

But it is true that the Internet has made it oh, so convenient to be snarky. Someone tick you off at the grocery store? Hit back on Twitter. Don't like the way someone drives? Post a sarcastic comment on your Facebook page, or write an entire diatribe on your blog.

So, some would say, you can blame the Internet. But the Internet didn't invent sarcasm, it just merely provided a universal distribution system, which allows anyone to post any snarky comment for an unlimited number of eyes and ears to take in. 

We have to admit, it does seem that Twitter and Facebook have become a truly awesome venue for snarkologists everywhere. We have enjoyed reading some rather dishy bits of snark ourselves in the world of both social media giants.

But keep in mind – what you snark lasts forever once it's put "out there" on the Net. It's there for all the world to see – and that includes your spouse, your children, your boss and yes, your mother.

Snark cautiously.

Published Monday, March 28, 2011 2:15 PM by bulldog
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