The Oscars fell a little flat

Whether or not you loved Ricky Gervais' unorthodox hosting of the Golden Globes, you have to admit, it made for a very interesting show. But after watching the Oscars last night, the only thing we have to say is this: Anne Hathaway doesn't wear Prada. She wears everything but. 

Check out the headlines this morning. About James Franco, everyone seems to think he was distant, uninterested and a bit smug. Of Hathaway, most said she was trying a bit too hard. The entire show has been labeled uninspiring, a disaster and a "new low."

The crackheads at Entertainment Weekly, however, said Hathaway and Franco were great hosts, and called the night "fun" and "briskly-paced."

Were they watching the same show as us? If we had been asked to sum up the broadcast in one word, it would have been "boring." Young and hip, indeed.

Here's what we felt went wrong:

• It was a bad year for movies, generally speaking. This year's Oscar theme of "great moments in Oscar history" was endlessly vague, and it really felt like the Academy was reaching for a connection that just wasn't there. 

• The show's production was awful. They let Kirk Douglas ramble on and on, but then cut some key people short to make up the difference.

• It wasn't Grandparents Day – and using the PS 22 kids chorus to close the show with "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was a little too sappy and just didn't make sense. 

• It's time to get rid of Bruce Vilanch, who's been writing for the show for more than 20 years. The jokes were entirely too predictable.

This show is the Super Bowl for Hollywood. The tradition alone means it deserves better than what we saw last night. Bring back the clowns next year. Actors may be able to handle film, but they don't host very well. 

And based on his Twitter commentary last night, we nominate Norm McDonald for next year's host. At least he was funny.

Published Monday, February 28, 2011 12:01 PM by bulldog
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