A big booty or your life – it shouldn't be a tough choice

OK, first of all, let us just say we cannot believe there are people in this world who believe that it's normal to go to a motel somewhere for plastic surgery. That takes a special kind of stupid.

That being said, here's the story of some "medical tourism" gone completely wrong.

Police are investigating the death this week of a 20-year-old British student who had a cosmetic procedure done at a Hampton Inn near the Philadelphia, Pa. airport. The woman, Claudia Adusei, died of a possible heart attack, after receiving silicone injections to enhance her buttocks. 

As if the fact that she went to a motel for the procedure wasn't enough, here's the kicker: she booked the appointment online.

Adusei flew from London to have the butt enhancement with a friend, who had scheduled a hip enhancement at the same location. She had apparently had a procedure in the same location previously. 

But after this procedure, Adusei began to complain about chest pain, and she was taken to a hospital, where she later died. 

We've all read the stories about Hollywood's cosmetic surgery horror stories. We've seen the photos. We each may even know someone personally who's had a little nip-and-tuck. So hearing about another botched surgery wasn't particularly surprising. 

But hearing that someone came to the United States to get "motel" surgery was a little surprising. We've read of people traveling to other countries from the U.S. to get cheap surgery or procedures that they haven't been able to get in the U.S. And we'd certainly not heard the phrase, "medical tourism." So we looked it up.

Medical tourism is defined as the rapidly-growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain health care. People have traveled to other countries not just for cosmetic surgeries, but also for joint replacement, cardiac surgery and dental surgery. 

Most often, the patients travel to have these procedures done so they can save some cash. But the catch is that the quality of health care and skill levels of the physicians varies greatly, and some destinations may become hazardous or even dangerous for medical tourists. 

OK…so it's a legit practice. Done by less legit doctors, on less than intelligent people. 

We have to say it: learn to be fine with the body you've been given. It could come down to a choice between a J-Lo booty and your life. And picking your life would be the smart way to go.

Published Thursday, February 10, 2011 12:27 PM by bulldog
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