Olbermann breaks his silence in the Twitterverse

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC have ended their mutual admiration society. Olbermann went out with a fizzle, and was silent for several days after his final show. He left the Twitterverse not posting, some said, at the request of MSNBC. It only added to the Olbermann mystique. He has since broken his silence.

Not since the days of Ed Murrow, we read somewhere, has there been a professional, that has actually demonstrated his qualifications – a person who has the journalistic chops as well as the mind, heart and courage needed to be a broadcast journalist. Olbermann was the host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," and ended each show with throwing his crumpled script at the camera, which shattered, a digital effect.

In 2003, Olbermann famously said his charge – for the show – was to stay out of the way of the news.

"News is news. We will not be screwing around with it. It will not be a show in which opinion and facts are juxtaposed so as to appear to be the same," he said of his then-new show. Each show featured the five top stories of the day, which included news reports from correspondents and interviews.

But the show was not without its comedic moments. Olbermann voiced puppets in a puppet theater for both the Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith trials.  He also presented goofy clips of people behaving like idiots in a segment called, "Let's Play Oddball!"

Each night he also picked the Worst Person in the World, giving that person a bronze (worse), a silver (worser) or gold (worst) medal.

What we liked about Olbermann as a broadcast journalist was that he presented the news in a language that could be understood by news audiences today. He utilized cultural references, knowing that news is what it is – it's very much about pop culture.

We don't believe that Olbermann is the new Murrow. But he is what Murrow might sound like today, changing with the times as any good journalist must. Let's face it, you can't report what you can't relate to.

Who knows what Olbermann will do next. But we an assure you, we'll be watching.

Published Thursday, January 27, 2011 11:24 AM by bulldog
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