The husband still known as Prinz is just plain weird

There are people in this world that defy explanation. They simply leave you with your mouth agape, unable to utter a single syllable. 

One of those people is Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, husband of Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. The dude is a German-born socialite whose biggest claim to fame is just that – he's Zsa Zsa's hubby. He's not even "royal" by birth. He was adopted by Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt. His real name is Hans Lichtenberg and he's a massage therapist by trade.

His other big claim to fame is that he claimed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, born in 2006. That proved to be untrue. 

In the past few years, he's made headlines a few times. In 2001, von Anhalt was allegedly approached by three women he described as "attractive" while he was sitting in his Rolls Royce in Southern California. They asked him to pose for pictures with them, and then one of them robbed him at gunpoint, taking his car keys, wallet and his clothes. They handcuffed him, so he said, and left him, but he somehow managed to call the cops. And mysteriously, local paparazzi were also alerted. And there were no handcuffs at the scene when police arrived. Weird, huh?

In early 2010, von Anhalt announced he would be running for governor of California, but later withdrew his candidacy, citing Zsa Zsa's health issues. In August, he was hospitalized after being stung in the throat by a bee. He was apparently sunbathing and snacking by the pool when a bee decided to sting him,  rendering von Anhalt unable to breathe and turning him blue. Good thing he was by the pool, near the house, so his wife's health care professionals could leave her bedside to care for him.

But this week's antics are by far the weirdest thing this guy has done to date. Seems that during von Anhalt's morning beauty routine, instead of grabbing a bottle of his eye drops, he grabbed a bottle of his wife's nail glue, and proceeded to put several drops in one of his eyes – and sealed that puppy shut.

According to reports, von Anhalt freaked out, and was rushed to the hospital, where they gave him ample amounts of pain killers and prepped him for surgery to unstick his peeper.  He's expected to be released later today.

Can we please have a front row seat at whatever stunt he pulls next, Santa? Please?

Published Tuesday, December 21, 2010 2:02 PM by bulldog
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