Throw us a bone, Gates

Archeologists have dug up a 2,400-year-old bronze pot containing soup. They seemed surprised it contained what they believe was bone soup. 

Um, duh. It's been buried for 2,400 years. Of course there's only bones left. Whatever animal they cooked up has long since decomposed. 

The find was located in an ancient tomb in northwest China, and the team says it will play an important role in learning what people ate during that period of time in China. 

Again, duh. They ate soup. With some sort of animal in it.

There was also a bronze pot that contained an odorless liquid that the experts say was likely wine. Yeah, they probably needed the wine to wash down the bone soup.

In other completely unrelated news, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the world's most wealthy men, visited the White House today. Supposedly, they were there to discuss how they plan to donate more money to philanthropy.

Here's an idea for some philanthropy: throw some of your millions to the U.S. of A. Obama's dug us in deep, and we'll take any and all contributions.

Please and thank you.

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2010 1:04 PM by bulldog
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