They're not just for your booty anymore

Today's truly weird item found on eBay are the Handerpants – yep. Underpants for your hands. 

These handy tighty whiteys are only $11, and can be shipped as a gift in plenty of time for Christmas.

Why in the world, you ask, would anyone want this truly strange item? Well, according to the maker, Handerpants fit most hands, are made of breathable cotton, prevent chafing, absorbs sweat and is non-toxic.

But get this: they also distract your enemies. We suppose that's because if you put them on, and faced off with your enemy, you'd be wearing underpants…on your hands. 

But aside from all that, the maker of Handerpants says they're great for jazz hands.

Enough said. Sold!

Check them out here:

Published Monday, November 29, 2010 3:46 PM by bulldog
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