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Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker
Yesterday I talked about the nespresso a capsule based espresso machine. Well today I am going to talk about the Keurig Single cup coffee maker that is built of the same concept. I think that Keurig machines are basically that same as the nespresso machines...
The Clover Coffee Maker
For people who love coffee there’s nothing quite like the perfect cup. Once you start making your own coffee you discover that there are many ways that you can make it. Post people use a drip coffee makers and have never tried coffee brewed in other ways...
Posted: Jun 10 2009, 11:43 AM by Alexgreene | with no comments
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Bodum Granos Espresso Machine - Product Review
Bodum makes some really cool stuff. They make some of the best French presses I have ever seen. They always take into consideration the design when making a product. I have had the pleasure of using the Bodum Granos espresso machine. I have to say that...