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Reusable Metal AeroPress Filter

In case you weren't aware AeroPress is a manually operated espresso maker. It works just like a giant syringe but instead of getting a shot of medicine in your arm you get a shot of espresso in your mug. It has a cult following and has become quite popular. One of the down sides to the device is that it requires you to purchase and use paper filers for each use. This causes the device to become useless if you run our of filters.

So the solution is to use a metal reusable filter from Coava Coffee roasters. The 008 DISK coffee filter is reusable and is specifically designed to be used with an AeroPress coffee maker. This type of filter is also used in stove top espresso makers as well as in most espresso machines. It will however let in a little mud or sledge into the coffee making it darker and a little heavier, which might be better for some. The filter sell for $15 which is fine especially considering how many filter it will replace.

008 DISK coffee filter  

Posted: Mar 17 2011, 01:24 PM by willburns1 | with no comments
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