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Everyone is Going Crazy over Pour-Over Coffee

Everyone seems to be going crazy over the pour-over coffee method which have been around for a while now. It seems local and independent coffee shops are trying to boost their coffee game with alternate brewing methods like the pour-over. After the Clover was bought out by Starbucks they most likely have been seeking a replacement.

The recent New York Times article featured the popular Japanese pour-over coffee maker by Hario. Hario is becoming the go to brand for pour-over coffee equipment for coffee shops and stores like Williams-Sanoma.

Pour-over coffee is like a deconstructed version of regular drip coffee. With the pour-over coffee you get to control the temperature of the water, how course the grind is, and how quickly the water floes through the grinds. It's the perfect situation for brewing coffee with a paper filter for a nice clean cup of coffee. This method isn't for the person who just want's to throw down a cup of coffee  before running out of the door. It takes time and only make a small amount of coffee at a time. The larger Hario brew system only makes up to 4 cups of coffee at a time.

You can purchase the equipment in pieces to better meet your needs. The Hario v60 kettle is pretty standard must buy, and yes you will want the special $60 kettle that has a nice long narrow spout for slow controlled pours. The Hario pour-over Dripper and filers come in two sizes 1-2 cup/size 1 and 1-4 cup/size 2. You don't really need a server if you want to drip your coffee right into what you're planning on drinking out of, but the servers do come in different sizes and shapes. Hario also offers a Woodneck dripper/server combo that comes with a reusable flannel filer. Checkout the Hario offerings on Amazon.

Posted: Feb 15 2011, 09:58 AM by willburns1 | with no comments
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