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Clever Coffee Dripper - Brings the Best of French Press and Filter Drip Brewing Together!

I just wrote a post about the Hario pour-over coffee maker which I posted to Facebook. A good friend of mine saw it and having a huge knowledge of coffee sent me a link to the Clever Coffee Dripper and I couldn't help myself from writing about it. it's the same basic principle behind the Hario pour-over with one big difference. The Clever Coffee Dripper has a valve on the bottom that allows you to steep the coffee in the top before filtering. It's much like a french press brewing but with the nice clean finish of a filter drip coffee.

The best part about the Clever Coffee Dripper is it doesn't require a special technique or equipment. All you need is the $15 pour-over dripper and something to catch the coffee in. The valve in the bottom releases the coffee when placed over a glass for filtering. In my opinion its brilliant. The people over at Sweet Marias have a great article on the Clever Coffee Dripper and how to use it.

Posted: Feb 15 2011, 12:21 PM by willburns1 | with no comments
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