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Topless Coffee House Plans on Rebuilding After Fire

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Topless Coffee House Plans on rebuilding

Donald Crabtree, the owner of the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop is planning on rebuilding after his coffee shop was burnt down. The police have ruled it an arson fire so there were obviously people who didn’t like the idea of a topless coffee shop in their town.

Donald Crabtree built his 18 and over topless coffee shop last February in central Maine. He had requested to the Vassalboro Planning Board on June 2 to remain open later and to be allowed to play music his waitresses could dance to. Later that night his coffee shop was burnt to the ground.

It's not as if all people hated his establishment. When he opened his store and was hiring he received 150 applications for only 10 employment spots. Seems as if there was a place for a topless coffee shop in central Maine. Maybe one of the fathers of the employees burnt it down, who knows? 

Even though I wouldn’t go to a place like this I don’t think burning it to the ground is the right solution. Frankly if people want to drink coffee while topless waitresses wait on them I say let them. How is that any different than a strip club that sells coffee and little muffins. I bet the coffee house has pretty good coffee and if not who cares right.  :)

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