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How to Make Turkish Coffee

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Turkish Coffee is one of the few ways I have never brewed coffee. I have brewed coffee in just about every other way but never in an ibrik as known as a Cezve. An ibrik is a copper pot that is wide at the bottom and is narrow at the top. It has a spout for pouring and a long wooden or metal handle.

Turkish coffee is one of the few brewing methods that doesn’t involve filtering out the coffee grinds. For this reason to make Turkish coffee you need to grind the coffee as fine as you can get it.

To achieve this you need a Turkish mill. It looks like a salt or pepper mill but it’s designed to grind coffee really fine. If you have a nice bur grinder that will grind fine enough for Turkish coffee this will work too.

How to Brew it

You want to add some cold water to your ibrik and add your finely ground coffee to it. 1 heaping teaspoon (aka a standard spoon not the measuring cup) per coffee cup of water ( 5-6 oz not the standard measurement).  Time to add the sugar. Traditionally Turkish coffee is made with sugar so put 1 teaspoon of sugar per 2 teaspoons of coffee. Stir that in while the water is still cold.

Bring on the heat! You want the mixture to boil up to the top to the ibrik. When it does remove it from the heat. Once the bubbles go down you can place it back on the burner. Let it boil up again and remove it before it goes over the top. Do this a third time and after you remove it you can serve it. If you want a cleaner cup you can stir the mixture up to knock the grind out of the bubbles and boil it a fourth time. Once you remove it don’t stir it and pour your coffee into your mugs. Pour a little in each cup and alternate so that the strength of the coffee is distributed.

There you go a great an exotic way of brewing coffee.

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