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Nespresso espresso coffee makers - What I think


 Every bone in my body wants to hate this little machine. I worked at a coffee shop and the fact that all you have to do is put a little plastic capsule into this little machine bugs me. Making good espresso usually means having a big machine where you pack the espresso into the portafilter paying attention to how fine the grind is and how hard it was packed, making sure the shot is not under extracted or over extracted. Making a good espresso shot is an art and a craft. This little machine can make some really good espresso in a little tabletop machine that uses little disposable capsules.

Now don’t get me wrong there is a big difference between coffee house espresso and the nespresso. That and there is more to a good espresso shot than good crema on top. nespresso has good crema but that does not make it a good shot.  If you were going to make espresso at your house I think that it can’t get any easier than the nespresso. No only can you get one of these things for about $200 buck but you can also get refillable capsules from a 3rd party company that will allow you to use your own coffee. The capsules are about 55 cents apiece. Which is not that be if you were going to buy your own coffee and you could do it for about 25 cents or less.

If you were going to do it the traditional way you would have to get an espresso machine a descent one will cost you at least $200 bucks. Then you need a good grinder, which will cost you $100 bucks or more. Don’t skimp on your grinder it’s important. Then of course you have all the clean up of cleaning out the portafilter and the machine try.

If you want an easy and clean way to make espresso at home check out the nespresso machines.

find the refillable pods here


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