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The Clover Coffee Maker


 For people who love coffee there’s nothing quite like the perfect cup. Once you start making your own coffee you discover that there are many ways that you can make it. Post people use a drip coffee makers and have never tried coffee brewed in other ways such as the French press. You can also brew coffee in a percolator, also referred to as a vacuum pot, as well as in a cezve (pronounced: chehz-vuh) which is designed to make Turkish coffee.

    Well most people have never heard of a Clover. Clover is a special machine designed by Stanford engineers. The machine is known for making the best single cup of coffee in the world. What makes it so great is that you can individually craft each cup of coffee. You can control the temperature of the water was well as the brew time. It really brings in the best of both a French press and vacuum pot.

    As the guy in the video will mention Starbucks has bought Clover and has placed them in some select stores. As of yet there are only in the four corners of the US, Washington, New York, Miami, and California. So if you want to try a cup of Clover coffee you will have to go to one of those stores.

If you are thinking that you would just buy one of theses machines well you can’t because Starbucks won’t sell them to you and they also cost $11,000. So you’re better off just trying to get really good at making French press coffee or working on your vacuum pot skills.


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