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How Important is the Grind of Coffee

I don’t know if I can stress this point enough. The consistency and the coarseness of your coffee will affect the flavor of the coffee tremendously. I also have to say the manner in which you brew your coffee makes a huge difference.

When you make coffee you need to make sure that 1. You use enough coffee beans and 2. They are ground properly.

Standard Drip
If you are going to make regular drop coffee you have to consider what kind of filter you’re using. If you’re using a metal filter you can probably grind the coffee a little bit finer because water will pass through the metal filter faster than the paper filter. Likewise if your using a paper filter you would probably be better off grinding a little bit courser because paper filters drip slower and you don’t want the filter basket to overflow. If you are getting coffee grinds in your coffee you know that you either put too many grinds in or the grind was too fine and the water couldn’t flow fast enough.

French Press
If you want to make french press coffee, which is delicious if you have never tried it, you will need to grind the coffee more course to prevent the grinds from getting into your coffee. This is when having a nice bur grinder comes in handy. A bur grinder will grind the coffee to the right coarseness without turning some of the coffee to powder. This helps a lot in your french press because it prevents the coffee from tasting chalky from all the power that made it’s way through the filter.

Turkish Coffee
Well for Turkish coffee the answer is easy. You need to get the coffee as fine as you can get it. You don’t filter Turkish coffee so you need to get the coffee as fine as you can so that you can’t taste the grind as you drink it. If you really want to do Turkish coffee right you should get a Turkish Mill. It looks like a pepper grinder that you would find on a table but it’s used to grind your coffee really fine.

So that’s my rant on grinding your own coffee. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried coffee from a French press to try it. If you go to Starbucks and most other coffee shops they will sell you coffee brewed from a French press. It tastes great and it a great way to make and drink your coffee. 

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