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The New Bodum Presso Glasses - Great insulated double walled glasses

Bodum has just come out with a new set of insulated double walled glasses  that just look great. The Presso comes with a Rubber band that goes around the middle of the glass for grip. Each set comes with two extra grips in differnet colors.

Bodum makes the best coffee stuff I have ever seen. All their glasses are hand blown and great quality. Now these glasses are 39.99 for a set of two on the website which sounds like a lot but let me tell you that they are well worth it.

I have some of their double walled hand blown glasses and they are great. They keep liquids hot and keep your hands from getting hot or burning the surface you put it on. I love mine. 

You can get them at Amazon right now with free shipping. 

Bodum Presso Double Wall Glass with Interchangeable Colored Silicone Bands, Set of 2  


Posted: Dec 30 2008, 04:31 PM by Alexgreene | with no comments
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