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Bodum Granos Espresso Machine - Product Review



Bodum makes some really cool stuff. They make some of the best French presses I have ever seen. They always take into consideration the design when making a product. I have had the pleasure of using the Bodum Granos espresso machine. I have to say that I am impressed with it. This machine is really easy to use.

The Granos won the Good design award from The Chicago Athenaeum. The Granos also features a 19 Bar pump with a dual-wall filter and a stabilizing baffle in combination ensures a consistent, correct release of pressure. This is important because some machines don’t have this system and its up to you to make the espresso come out at the right speed by tamping the coffee harder and grinding it finer.

If you were wondering, like I was, what the bubble at the top was for it’s a cup warmer. The Granos can be used with ground coffee as well as espresso pods. A very unique feature of the Granos is its attachment that allows you to connect a bottle of water directly to the machine, which is really cool. Oh did I mention that the button controls are completely programmable. Not to mention that it’s equipped with a steaming wand that allows you to steam milk for lattes or cappuccinos of course. The Granos also espells the unused water from each shot so it doesn’t go back into the water supple like most machines.
    What doesn’t this machine do? Well it doesn’t grind and tamp the coffee for you. Some of the high-end espresso machines will actually grind and tamp the coffee into the portafilter for you. So all you have to do is just hit the button and it grinds and tamps then pours. These types of machines will even eject the used coffee into a bin for you to empty when it’s full. Most of these machine are in the $1,000 range were the Bodum Granos is about $500. So half the price but you have to do the work or grinding, tamping and cleaning the filter out after every shot. This is the worst part if the job. It’s the messiest part of making espresso, coffee gets everywhere and then you have to scrape out the used coffee out of the filer. Other than that I say that this machine can do just about anything you want and it’s a pretty good buy for your money.


Posted: Nov 20 2008, 02:57 PM by Alexgreene | with 3 comment(s)
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