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Starbucks Joins (RED) to Save Lives in Africa

Starbucks Joins (RED) to Save Lives in Africa


     Starbucks coffee company, a company that is dear to my heart after working there for 2 years, has now joined (RED), a company that is making great strides to address AIDS in Africa. Starbucks will be caring (PRODUCT)RED products starting on November 27th through Jan. 2, 2009. Starbucks is also going to be selling (STARBUCKS)RED exclusive beverages. Starbucks will donate 5 cents for each sale of a (STARBUCKS)RED Beverage to (RED). After the holiday beverages leave the store Starbucks will continue to offer (RED) options to their beverages.

    The announcement was made during the 2008 Leadership conference in New Orleans. Starbucks is pleased to be giving back to Africa since Starbucks currently buys coffee from ten different countries in Africa including Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Starbucks is also planning on opening a Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Ethiopia and Rwanda.
    I think that it’s great that Starbucks is going to start selling (PRODUCT)RED products as well as offer (STARBUCKS)RED beverages. I know that 5 cents a beverage doesn’t sound like a lot but take into consideration that there are 16,000 stores. I think this is going to be a great thing for Starbucks and the people in Africa.

Little more about (RED)

(RED) is a business model created to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund by teaming up with the world's most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT) RED branded products. A portion of profits from each (PRODUCT) RED product sold goes directly to the Global Fund to invest in African AIDS programs, with a focus on women and children.

Who is (RED)

Bono and Bobby Shriver created (RED) to engage the private sector in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Our partners include: American Express (UK only), Converse, Gap, Emporio Armani, Dell, Windows, Apple and Hallmark. Discussions are ongoing with other potential partners.

How it Works

Established brands partner with us and license the (PRODUCT) RED mark to create (PRODUCT) RED products and services. (PRODUCT) RED partners send a portion of the profits made on (PRODUCT) RED products directly to the Global Fund, to fight AIDS in Africa. The consumer does not pay extra for this. (RED) never handles this money – it is sent directly to the Global Fund.

A licensing fee for use of the (PRODUCT) RED mark is charged to manage and market the (RED) brand. This fee is paid by (PRODUCT) RED partners, and does not infringe on the amount of money they send to the Global Fund via sales of (PRODUCT) RED items.

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