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How to Make Good Coffee - A Coffee making guide

 What is it that makes coffee good? Is it the actual coffee bean or the machine that matters most? Maybe it's the grind or clean water that makes good coffee. A good cup of coffee is a product of all these things. Ultimately how good the coffee tastes really depend on the person and how they like their coffee to taste.

The Bean
Lets start with the coffee bean. If you want to make good coffee then you need to have fresh coffee beans. It is best to get the whole bean coffee and keep it whole bean. I know what your thinking "but that means I have to get a grinder." Yes you do need a grind so go out and get one. YOU SHOULD NEVER KEEP YOUR COFFEE IN THE FREEZER.  It alters the moisture in the bean and this is bad. You don't want water to be added to the bean or to be removed from it. If the bean dries out then it's going to taste bad. If your coffee gets wet or you put it in the freezer and moisture clings to it then your coffee is going to taste bad. Seal it up in as air tight as you can and this will make the coffee taste the best.  


The Grind
    There are two main kinds of grinders, blade grinders and bur grinders. Blade grinders are the ones that are like a blender only smaller and for coffee. They are less expensive and can be found at most kitchen supply stores. A bur grinder has a hopper on top with a rotating metal bur the crushes the bean. The difference is consistency. The blade grinder is not very consistent and you have to eyeball the grind coarseness. A good bur grinder has a very consistent grind and most bur grinders have the ability to change the grind coarseness. These are more expensive than the blade grinders but are worth the money. The rule of thumb is to spend just as much on a grinder as you did on the coffee maker. The grind of the coffee is that important. So the remaining question is how fine or course do you grind your coffee. The answer is not that easy. It depends on what kind of coffee maker you have and how you like your coffee to taste. Let me offer this to you as a guide.


Coffee Grind
The finer the grind the stronger the coffee is going to be provided you used enough coffee. The courser the grind the weaker it's going to be provided you used the same amount of coffee. You have to take into consideration what kind of filter you're using as well. If you have a flat bottom paper filer then you might want to be careful how fine you grind your coffee because it might over flow on you and get grinds into the coffee. If your using a cone shape metal filter you don't have to worry about that as much. I would suggest that you experiment with the grind to get the coffee tasting the way you like it.

How much Coffee to use
     How much coffee you need to use again depends on what you want the coffee to taste like. Once again it also depends on the grind. It you want the coffee to be really strong perhaps you grind it a little finer and add a little more. If you like it weaker then grind it a little courser and add less. Starbuck recommends 2 tablespoons per cup. A cup is not the 8oz cup but a coffee cup being 4 oz. If you are making 4 cups of coffee then you put in 8 tablespoons of coffee, which make about 16oz. This might be too much but it depends on the grind. You can put less coffee in if the grind is fine enough. Here again you need to experiment to find out what you like and what works best in your coffee maker.

The Water
You really should use clean good tasting water. The better the water tastes the better your coffee is going to taste. If your water tastes funny then your coffee is going to taste funny. I don't use bottled water but I have one of those Pur water filters on the tap and use that for coffee and it seems to work well.         

Now sit back and let the coffee make do its thing. After the coffee is done pour a cup and enjoy. Leave a comment if you have any coffee questions.

Posted: Oct 28 2008, 11:41 AM by Alexgreene | with 1 comment(s)
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