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Starbucks VS. Local Coffee Shops


Is Starbucks worth the money?

    I always hear people talking about how expensive the drinks at Starbucks are. They talk as if Starbucks is the only place that has prices that high. The thing is that any respectable coffee shop is going to charge you the same if not maybe a little less than Starbucks.

   There are a lot of coffee shops that are a lot more comfortable than most Starbucks. They have comfy chairs and they have free internet and you can sit in there all day and study and drink your coffee. A lot of these coffee shops have higher prices on their lattes and specialty drinks because people will sit in the store all day and only buy one drink.

    Is Starbucks the best coffee shop, no but it does serve a very good high quality coffee that is consistent. If there was one thing that you have to give Starbucks is that they are very consistent. For as well known as Starbucks is their drinks for the most part taste the same no matter where you are. This is a big deal because when someone is on business they know that they can go into a Starbucks and get their drink and it tastes the same as it does in their home town.

    Local coffee shops are great but they have their disadvantages. Most of the time the local coffee shops are good they just are really slow. The people that are working the counter are not always friendly, and the coffee seems to be hit or miss. The locals sometime leave their coffee out too long and it doesn't taste fresh. Starbucks re-brews their coffee every half hour and it takes 5 minutes to make a pot. So at any given time the coffee is only going to be 25 minutes old which dosn't seem that great but I guarantee you that the local shops don't brew the coffee that fast.

Over all I don't think that they are the best but I love their coffee and they're quick. The coffee is always fresh and quick to fix problems if you don't like it.  

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