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Kristen Stewart – Feeling pretty undead right about now

Well, it seems the celebrity world has been rocked with another scandal. You might say it's just another day in Hollywood. But this time, it affects the fans of the Twilight series, and if you've seen any of their videos on Youtube, or read any of their blogs, you know they mean business. 

News broke this week that Kristen Stewart has cheated on her co-star, Rob Pattinson. So. Bella has cheated on Edward. Or at least, that's how the Twi-Hards are seeing it. And right now, the Twi-Hards ain't happy.

For the longest time, the duo were quiet about their off-screen romance, and the tabloids were constantly publishing pictures and asking the question, "Could they be in love…?" 

Then it was official. There was actual video footage and pictures of them in public, engaging in a little good, old-fashioned PDA. The Twi-Hards rejoiced. Their on-screen romantic heroes were officially a couple off-screen as well. All was right in Forks, Washington.

But then K-Stew cheated. With a married man. Somehow, that makes it even worse. It's bad enough that she would cheat on her sparkly vampire, but with a married dude? Come on.

Kristen has issued an apology, saying she still loves Rob. Rob has reportedly packed his bags and moved out of his own home – the home he has shared with Kristen. 

Rob was once asked in an interview at what point he knew he and Kristen would have good on-screen chemistry. He said, "I knew before I met her." Maybe it's the romantic in me, but there seems to be much he knew before he met her. 

What he didn't know was that she would shatter his heart. Look, the dude may play a soul-less vampire in the movies, but he does have a heart. 

I'm not so sure this one can be fixed. Sparkly hearts are not easily mended – with or without an apology. 

Posted: Jul 27 2012, 01:15 PM by Red On The Head | with 1 comment(s)
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