A Thin Line

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Puffy or not? Who cares?

I remember reading a few weeks ago about actress Ashley Judd's puffy face. Apparently, she was photographed looking a little pudgy around the face, and suddenly, the debate was on.

Did she have work done? Has she gained weight? There aren't enough wrinkles there, so she must have had work done, right? Is she on drugs…don't some drugs make you look puffy? Is she ill…some sicknesses can make you look puffy, right?

Judd, who normally ignores media speculation about herself, released a statement that said she'd had a sinus infection, and had been taking medication which made her appear puffy. 

But she didn't stop with the statement. Judd has hit the news outlets, slamming what she calls "hatred of women" perpetrated by the objectification of women everywhere, every day. 

"I think it's the objectification of girls and women and this hyper-sexualization of our society that invites criticism," she said. 

Judd's got a point. It's everywhere. Any talents, virtues, intellect, or skills a woman might have is often ignored in lieu of her more obvious assets. I believe, back in the day, these assets were referred to as "T and A. " These days, things are no different.

Women are criticized for their body size, their skin, their hair, their weight, their overall demeanor, and even for being too feminine or masculine. It would seem, then, that women can't win for losing.

It's time to stop looking at the magazine covers, ladies, and stop comparing yourself to what you find there. Beauty doesn't come from a makeup kit, nor does it come packaged with a good push-up bra. It comes from within.

Anyone who tells you differently deserves to be photographed on a puffy day.

Posted: Apr 12 2012, 02:49 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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