A Thin Line

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Imagine this with a little vocal fry, right?

Anybody else remember the whole valley girl thing? It was so, totally like, gag me with a shoe, right?

But think about it…those valley girls had power. They influenced an entire generation to talk like them. It was like, totally outer limits. I admit it. I did it, too. But then again, I was young and easily influenced. But are the only ones affected young and easily influenced?

Not at all. We're all influenced in the lingo we use. And it can come from the teenagers around us to celebrities on TV to, well, just about anyone. We hear a phrase that sticks, and suddenly we're peppering our everyday conversation with, like, stuff.

Some of the more recent trends include uptalk, where you complete every sentence as if it's a question; slang words, such as bitchin', ridic, or like; and today's latest, the vocal fry, which is where you add a little growl to whatever you're saying or singing.

These vocal trends are often associated with the young, and are seen as immature or even stupid. But are they? Many linguists, say this is, like, ridic. The trends that we see and hear each day are used as an interactional tool and a stylistic end point. 

Women are also associated with these trends, much more so than men. Vocal fads seem to have their roots in the feminine set. But a recent study showed that men tend to use "like" more commonly than women in everyday conversation. 

But the good news is that these trends are around for a while, then they're gone. So like, don't get all mental. It will all be ending soon right?

Posted: Mar 01 2012, 12:26 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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