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Is Braille on the way out?

Smartphones are, apparently, responsible for the diminishing of the use of Braille among the blind youth of today. Who knew?

For about 200 years, Braille has helped the blind read and live independently. But there are those who say that smartphones and other technology have made it so much easier for young people to get by without learning it – these critics say there is an ever-swelling surge of Braille illiteracy. 

According to the experts, only about 10 percent of the blind population can read Braille. Not surprising, when you consider that a blind person can easily download an audio book from iTunes. And smartphones can be equipped with screenreaders that turn text into spoken language. 

But will smartphones and the like be the end of Braille? Who knows?

Helen Keller must be rolling over in her grave right now. 

Posted: Feb 16 2012, 02:08 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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