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I've got a pocket – er, um – jar full of sunshine

While looking at the animal hats at Urban Outfitter's Web site – you know, the cute hats with the ear flaps and long strings with pom-poms on the end (I'm partial to the sock monkey one) – I found something that just made me drop my jaw. And not in a good way.

For a mere $45, you can buy yourself some sun in a jar. Yep. Sun in a jar. The item is basically a mason jar with a solar-charged, high-tech energy efficient LED lamp attached. According to the site, it "generates soft, natural light in a very appealing package."

You're supposed to place the Sun Jar in direct sunlight during the day, so it can soak up the sun. Then you can enjoy your "captured" sunlight all night. It's just "perfect" for your patio or in your garden, and is "quietly reassuring as a nightlight in a bedroom."

Are you kidding me? Seriously? 

How about this…how about you get outside and soak up some sunlight for yourself? We are raising a generation of kids who are part mole – they can't see in the sunlight and they're pale from lack of it. Thank you video games and social networking, as well as texting.

Instead of capturing sunlight in a jar, go out and enjoy some of the real stuff. You'll be amazed how your vision will clear up. And you'll see just how dumb this waste of $45 is.

Posted: Jan 25 2011, 11:00 AM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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