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Halloween is the coolest holiday of all time

This weekend we celebrate Halloween. Halloween has been a favorite holiday since, well, forever. It goes way beyond the costumes, the candy and the severed limbs. 

People start weeks, sometimes months ahead of time, shopping for costumes, and props and decorations for their homes. Those who are crazy enough to set up haunted houses do their thing year 'round.

You may wonder what the appeal is. Why is it that people love Halloween so much? Here are the reasons we came up with that one should embrace the "spirit" of Halloween…

First of all…duh! Free candy! Who doesn't love candy? Even if you don't like the holiday, you gotta love the idea of people giving you free candy. People love free food.

Horror movies. Who doesn't love a good scare? This is the one time of the year that it's entirely acceptable for grown folks to sit around a television watching people get slaughtered. The same can be said of ghost stories. Hearing or telling a good spine-tingler just makes the holiday complete.

Creative costumes. It's such fun to get creative and come up with a costume no one else would come up with. Once a year, you get to dress up as someone you're not and, if you do it right, scare the dickens out of other people.

The coolest decorations ever. Christmas gets a lot of play when it comes to decorations. Everyone loves twinkly lights, cute little elves cavorting in the snow, snow globes and inflatable Santas. But nothing beats a house decked out for Halloween. Period. Go ahead. Compare them…we'll wait…

The bottom line is this: for one night a year, you get to dress up in a cool costume, eat a boat-load of candy and scare other people…and be scared yourself. It's awesome!

And if none of that floats your boat…there's the "trick" part of trick or treating… Toilet paper and eggs, anyone…?

Posted: Oct 29 2010, 02:29 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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