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When you're shopping for Halloween candy, think 'gross'

Today marks the countdown to every kid's favorite holiday…Halloween.

Why is it their favorite? Well..duh! Costumes, tomfoolery, games, free candy…a night to run around in a full-on sugar rush….what kid wouldn't love that?

Adults on cul de sacs everywhere are now beginning to roam the candy aisles in their favorite stores, in search of the candy that no one else on their street will have – that one treat that will make their home the coolest place to be on Oct. 31.

If you want to get to the heart of a child and give him a treat he'll never forget, we have only one word for you – gross. Yep. The grosser the candy the better. If you truly want your house to be the one that kids in your neighborhood just can't pass up, you'll need to have the grossest candy on the block. Here's some of the ones we wouldn't be able to pass up…

• Candy Blood Bags: Everyone has gone vampire crazy in the past year or two, and what kid wouldn't love a bag of cherry-flavored blood? The bag looks like a real blood bag you'd see in a hospital, and the syrup really looks like blood. You can also get Zombie Blood Bags, which feature green blood, of course.  Awesome!

• Ear Wax: How about a giant ear that comes with a giant cotton swab for scooping out what really looks like ear wax, but is really fruity-flavored gel? At least, that's what the packaging says it is.

• Zit Poppers: Squeeze these soft, sticky zits and a candy ooze comes squirting out. As an adult, you could use this as part of your teenager costume, so it serves a dual purpose.

• Gummy Boo Boos: Giant adhesive bandages with scabs attached. Kids can eat their scabs. Enough said.

• Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs: Another take on the whole boo boo thing. This one is a really Band-Aid that you can stick somewhere. But on the pad is a scab-shaped candy you can peel away the Band-Aid and lick. We recommend you stick this one somewhere you can reach with your tongue.

• Hose Nose: This is our personal favorite. This thing is a giant nose that comes with straps that attach around your ears to hold it in place on your face. Out of the nostrils oozes some, well, snot. The nose is perfectly positioned so that you can have the candy gel drip directly into your mouth. 

• Sour Flush: This little dandy is a miniature plastic toilet, filled with powdered sugar candy, which you can dip your sucker, shaped like a plunger, into and enjoy. 

• Toe Jam: This is apply flavored cotton candy that literally looks like it could have been scraped from between some truly disgusting toes. Ick.

• Zombie Cupcakes: These technically aren't candy, but cupcakes with candy brains and blood on top. It's a nice effect, and a total do-it-yourself project.

• Sour Candy Urine Samples: Uncap the top and all you'll find is a lemonade-like substance, but it gives a the experience a whole new twist.

• White Chocolate Maggots: Maggots themselves are disgusting, but white chocolate maggots are "tastier than the average maggot"…according to the packaging.

• Box of Boogers: These supposedly are tangy little boogers that look and feel real, and are, pardon the pun, 'snot your regular gummy product.

• Bloody Eyeball Gumballs: These gumballs really look like our eyeballs look during allergy season, but contain a blood-red syrup that's both tasty and disgusting.

• Chocolate Doo Drops: A whole new side of those famous chocolate drops, realistically shaped. Enough said.

We have a feeling that with candies like this on the market, peeled grapes in a bowl – masquerading as eyeballs – just aren't going to scare the kiddos this year. 

Posted: Oct 01 2010, 12:36 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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