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May I be as classy as Rocco...

Well...I made it through my first week on a new job. Whew! I can breathe a sigh of relief now.
I have to admit on the first day, I was quite nervous. I stepped outside my usual dwelling place – the newsroom – into another world. Oh, I'm still writing. Just in a different format and for a different medium. I twitched all day, thinking, "I've got a paper to put together!" But someone else did it. And you know what? I was fine.
When I posted on my Facebook page that I was nervous the first day, a friend of mine reminded me that I'd still be writing...and that's something I've done for years. He said I shouldn't be nervous..."It's still writing," he reminded me. Yeah.
And this week, I have been writing. I've been reading a lot as well, because with writing comes a certain amount of study. You have to get to know a subject or subject matter in order to write about it. That's why so many writers are knowledgeable about so many things, yet master of so few. Oy.
I have a new coworker. His name is Rocco. Rocco is a bulldog who comes to work each day with his "mommy." He's a pretty low-key kind of fellow, and on most days he's content to just recline on his comfy little couch in his corner of the office. I've grown used to the sound of his toenails clicking on the hardwood floor as he makes his rounds...he goes around each morning, and several times a day, to see each person in the office. For each visit, he receives a pat on the head or the back, and maybe even some light conversation. Very light. So light, on his end, it's almost non-existent. But Rocco communicates in other ways.
I've noticed that when Rocco wants outside of "his" office or to go outside, all he has to do is just stand in front of the appropriate door. He doesn't bark. He doesn't grunt or growl. He just quietly stands there until he's let out.
When Rocco wants a nap, he lets you know by just closing his eyes and bowing his head. He does this lying down, sitting down or standing. Doesn't matter. When he wants a nap, he lets you know.
When Rocco wants attention, he doesn't jump up on you or bark. He's a much classier fellow than this. He simply stands near you and silently waits for you to pay your respects. That dog's got style, he does.
So from Rocco, I glean some important lessons. Don't rush things. Take your time and be patient...someone will pat you on the head or open the door eventually. And in the meantime, just bow your head and take a nap.

Posted: Jun 04 2010, 03:14 PM by Red On The Head | with 1 comment(s)
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